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Sophia Paleotheodoros started her artistic career early. “Since I was 18 years old and living on my own, even though I couldn’t afford to continue my studies, I would make the odd portrait or a landscape of Greece and make a little money to pay my rent.” In 1995, she started her own company offering faux ni decorative effects and murals for restaurants and homes.”Then styles changed, and I had to reinvent myself. So I went back to what I love most: painting. While studying, I admired Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and Peter Paul Rubens. Today, my clients, who frequently suggest ideas that help me be creative in my own way, often motivate me.The excitement on their faces is priceless when I arrive with their commissioned work!”


Background &


Talented Sophia has come a long way. Recently exhibiting at the Windermere Art Fair, she was awarded Honourable Mention. In 2012, out of 15,000 worldwide submissions, Art Takes Times Square chose one of her works to be published in its eponymous prestigious book.

Sophia’s mixed media work is a wonderful whirl of abstract colours, sometimes with hints of the gurative. Sometimes dream-like, sometimes sensuous, her art is a visual exploration of surfaces, a marvelous mixture of shades that are sometimes sumptuous, sometimes simple. There is timelessness in her work, allowing it to bypass fads with the beauty of its thoughtful nature. Far from formalism, her impressionistic style is her iconic signature.


Beauty &


The artist’s high gloss paintings have a touchable texture. Much of her work is large. “It is what my clients prefer. In fact, some of them purchase diptych and triptych formats.’’ Often marvelous meandering calligraphic lines wind their way through the planes of her intense colours. Her signature medium of resin seems to spark the hues whether beautiful brights or pale tones. Sophia’s work is bold and full of energy. Her visual language is created with swirls of pigments. The compositions seem fortuitous but are actually carefully thought out. Their beauty lies in the power of colour freed from restraint.Their organic dynamism captivates anew with each viewing, which explains why the artist’s work is so in demand. That her art is appreciated is proven by the many establishments who collect it. Recently, for its VIP Grand Prix reception, In niti borrowed two large pieces to go with the 17 works the luxury car dealership already owns.The red carpet guests loved her style. Sophia Paleotheodoros iconic works are in public and private collections.

Sophia Paleotheodoros & husband